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The Art of Chinese Living

Chronicling the traditions of Chinese life and culture, The Art of Chinese Living is a visual cornucopia and an epic cultural immersion into everything from cuisine and history to art and rituals, calligraphy and music, to artefacts and interiors, and from widespread national traditions to the minutiae of daily family life. Spanning over 1,100 stunning pages and divided into the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter – this lavish four-volume set in a cloth-bound box is alive with culture. The author, Xiang Yao, grew up in Taiwan and is the mother of three children. She is also the senior partner of KRIS YAO|ARTECH, where she manages the administration and public relations for the firm. She started these books during the years when her three children left home to go to university in the United States; it was intented as a loving reminder to them not to forget their inherited culture. It took her five years to complete all 270,000 words, and to amass its large collection of exquisite visuals. It is now beloved by many readers all over the world. As she explains, ‘This set of books is a gift to all Chinese people, as well as all those who have a love for Chinese culture.

Along the Taipei River

Mountains and rivers encourage people to turn their backs on the city, and head towards nature. Along the Taipei River does the exact opposite. It wants people to face the city, observe the city, think about the city, reflect on the city, and, perhaps one day, create a city.
An ancient text once wrote of a prosperous time when “people with gray hair have not known war”. I am already someone who has gray hair, and I have been fortunate to see sixty years of prosperity in this city. I know that the river was mighty before I came, and will, of course, remain mighty when I am gone. The painting of Along the Taipei River will continue to go on.
Those with gray hair have gray memories. Maybe Xiang Yao-Jen’s Along the Taipei River is not only a collection of Taipei’s past memories. Surely, it is also waiting to see how the newcomers of this city would create their own prosperity in the city alongside the river.