The First WA Chinese Architecture Award

The First WA Chinese Architecture Award


Six Works Awarded First Prize- The First WA Chinese Architecture Award

“WA Chinese Architecture Award” held by a famous magazine”World Architecture” is revealed three First Prize and three Masterpieces recently. These prizes are given out of 44 selected works. The three First Prizes include Tao-Yuan 02 Dormitory of Nanjing University (Zhang Lei), Beijing Catholic Theological Seminary (Shen Sam-Ling) and Beijing Olympics Xin-Xin Club (Wu Gang). The three Masterpieces include Campal Electronics Headquarter (Kris Yao), Run Run Shaw Library of Tianjin University of Finance & Economics (Zhou Kai), National Accounting Institute (Qi Xin). The nomination committee includes seven judges gathered with experts, scholars and architects who are Alexander Tzonis of Delft University of Technology; Wilfred Wong, the Visiting Professor of Harvard University;Cui-Kai, Vice President of China Architecture Design & Research group;Qin You-Guo, President of Tsing-Hua University School of Architecture;Zhang Yon-Ghe, Professor of Beijing Graduate Center of Architecture;Wang-Lu, Editor of World Architecture;and Dr. Yu-Li from Beijing Jing-Ao Kann Finch Design Group Ltd. Wang-Lu explains: “WA Chinese Architecture Award” aims to promote more and more great architectural works in China and show China architects’ techniques, creativities and achievements. Moreover, it helps people understand and respect more toward architectural industry. As far as we know, the works of this competition will be compiled into books and published in the future.

Zhao Zhong-Tian Reported (2006.01.05)