"Water Moon Monastery" in the collection of "Designing Sacred Spaces"

"Water Moon Monastery" in the collection of "Designing Sacred Spaces"

Sacred spaces exemplify some of the most exciting and challenging architecture today. The book, Designing Sacred Spaces, tells the inside story of seven architecture firms and their approaches to designing churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, monasteries and retreats.

Twenty beautifully illustrated case studies located in Asia, Europe, and North America are showcased alongside discussions with the designers into concept and design development, materiality, and spatial analysis. Complementing these are essays on the cultural, historical, and theoretical meaning and importance of sacred spaces. By exploring the way we see religion and how we understand secular and sacred space, Designing Sacred Spaces reveals how we see ourselves and how we see others. A tour-de-force of first-person narratives, research, and illustrations, this book is a vital desk reference.

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