WithIn ‧ WithOut - KRIS YAO Selected Works Exhibition<br/> 2016. 2. 28 - 2016. 5. 7

WithIn ‧ WithOut - KRIS YAO Selected Works Exhibition
2016. 2. 28 - 2016. 5. 7

The "WithIn ‧ WithOut." exhibition offers two themes. The "WithIn" part provides a range of elements including motion picture, music, and big installations that combine to show the inner thoughts of the Architect, Kris Yao. These elements embed the moments of inspiration of the architect that makes the works embody the architect's philosophy and instinct. The "WithOut" part offers selected pieces from Kris Yao, including drawings, documentaries, detailed models, and sketches. Through the demonstration, the viewer gets to understand not only the professional sphere of the architect, but also the poetic stage on which the architect performs to touch the very souls of the people and to serve the people's lives.